Public Outreach Activities

Tartu Observatory is a public research institute, operating under Estonian Ministry of Education and Research. In total TO employs around 100 people and carries out research in three fields: astronomy, remote sensing and space technology.

Tartu Observatory has also strong traditions in outreach to society through space. Our Visitor Center for popularization of space science and technology, have been visited by more than 5000 pupils and 1000 adults annually.

The main principle of science popularization in Tartu Observatory is to expose the live science – the labs, telescopes and other premises, where new scientific knowledge is created every day.


  • Observing with telescopes
  • Public seminars
  • Interactive learning programs
  • Extracurricular activities
  • weekly hobby club - space club „Estronauts“
  • drawing competitions
  • conferences for students
  • Science Summer Camp

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